Sade: Soldier Of Love (2010), Lovers Live (2002), Lovers Rock (2000)

Sade: Soldier Of Love

Soldier Of Love is Sade's sixth studio album, and is due to be released on the 8th of February.

Sade says, of Soldier Of Love - "I never want to repeat myself. And that becomes a more interesting challenge for us the longer we carry on together."

Sade: Soldier of Love (2010)

Sade: Soldier Of Love

1. The Moon And The Sky
2. Soldier Of Love
3. Morning Bird
4. Babyfather
5. Long Hard Road
6. Be That Easy
7. Bring Me Home
8. In Another Time
9. Skin
10. The Safest Place

Sade: Soldier Of Love (2010)



SADE - Lovers Live

Lovers Live is Sade's first ever live album, recorded on the 2001 Lovers Live Tour. Covering the entire breadth of Sade's career, this album contained unique live interpretations of 13 classic Sade tracks.

The album was accompanied by a 22-track DVD (which went platinum in the US) which featured an entire concert, plus the King Of Sorrow video, and a tour photo gallery. The live version of the track Somebody Already Broke My Heart was released as a single from the album.

Sade: Lovers Live

1. Cherish The Day (live)
2. Somebody Already Broke Me Heart (live)
3. Smooth Operator (live)
4. Jezebel (live)
5. Kiss Of Life (live)
6. Slave Song (live)
7. The Sweetest Gift (live)
8. The Sweetest Taboo (live)
9. Paradise (live)
10. No Ordinary Love (live)
11. By Your Side (live)
12. Flow (live)
13. Is It A Crime (live)

Sade: Lovers Live



SADE - Lovers Rock

After a break of eight years between studio albums, Sade delivered their fifth album, Lovers Rock, in 2000.

The album featured an evolution of the Sade sound, but didn't disappoint, replicating the success the group had previously enjoyed in the US, and achieving triple platinum status. The album won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2002 ceremony.

The singles taken from the album were By Your Side, King Of Sorrow and Lovers Rock.

Sade: Lovers Rock

1. By Your Side
2. Flow
3. King Of Sorrow
4. Somebody Already Broke Me Heart
5. All About Our Love
6. Slave Song
7. The Sweetest Gift
8. Every Word
9. Immigrant
10. Lovers Rock
11. It's Only Love That Gets You Through

Sade: Lovers Rock



Sade - The Best Of Sade

The Best Of Sade is Sade's first compilation album; released in 1994, it features 16 tracks including the group's biggest hits, rarities and their most loved tracks.

The Best Of Sade showcased the extraordinary longevity and creativity of the group, and it dominated the charts in 1994 and 1995, going quadruple-platinum in the US and selling more than 2 million copies in Europe.

Sade:The Best Of

1. Your Love Is King
2. Hang On To Your Love
3. Smooth Operator
4. Jezebel
5. The Sweetest Taboo
6. Is It A Crime
7. Never As Good As The First Time
8. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
9. Paradise
10. Nothing Can Come Between Us
11. No Ordinary Love
12. Like A Tattoo
13. Kiss Of Life
14. Please Send Me Someone To Love
15. Cherish The Day
16. Pearls

Sade: The Best Of Sade



SADE - Love Deluxe

Love Deluxe is Sade's fourth LP, released at the end of 1992. Despite a gap of four years between Love Deluxe and Stronger Than Pride, the album was gladly received by a receptive audience the world over, hitting the top 10 in several countries and achieving quadruple platinum status in the US.

The album was the basis for the 1993 Love Deluxe world tour by the band. It features the singles No Ordinary Love, Feel No Pain, Kiss Of Life and Cherish The Day. No Ordinary Love went on to win the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.

Sade - Love Deluxe

1. No Ordinary Love
2. Feel No Pain
3. I Couldn't Love You More
4. Like A Tattoo
5. Kiss Of Life
6. Cherish The Day
7. Pearls
8. Bulletproof Soul
9. Mermaid

Sade: Love Deluxe



SADE - Stronger Than Pride

Stronger Than Pride was Sade's third album, and was released in 1988. The album was the first to be produced by Sade Adu, and replicated the tremendous success of Sade's two previous albums, selling millions of copies worldwide and going triple platinum in the US.

The singles taken from the album include Love Is Stronger Than Pride, Paradise, Nothing Can Come Between Us and Turn My Back On You.

Sade - Stronger than pride

1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
2. Paradise
3. Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Haunt Me
5. Turn My Back On You
6. Keep Looking
7. Clean Heart
8. Give It Up
9. I Never Thought I'd See The Day
10. Siempre Hay Esperanza

Sade: Stronger Than Pride



SADE - Promise

Sade's second album was released in 1985, and cemented Sade as a credible and successful act as it debuted at the very top of the charts in both the UK and US.

Sade set off on their first world tour after releasing the album, and in 1986 won a Grammy for Best New Artist.

The album contains the singles The Sweetest Taboo, Never As Good As The First Time and Is It A Crime.

Sade - Promise

1. Is It A Crime
2. The Sweetest Taboo
3. War Of The Hearts
4. You're Not The Man
5. Jezebel
6. Mr Wrong
7. Punch Drunk
8. Never As Good As The First Time
9. Fear
10. Tar Baby
11. Maureen

Sade: Promise



SADE - Diamond Life

Diamond Life is Sade's debut album. Released two years after the group formed in 1982, it is a modern soul classic.

The album eventually went on to achieve an astonishing 4x platinum certification in both the UK and US, selling more than seven million copies worldwide. It won a 'Best Album' BRIT Award, and spawned some of Sade's most well-loved singles - Your Love Is King, Smooth Operator, When Am I Going To Make A Living and Hang On To Your Love.

Sade - Diamond Life

1. Smooth Operator
2. Your Love Is King
3. Hang On To Your Love
4. Frankie's First Affair
5. When Am I Going To Make A Living
6. Cherry Pie
7. Sally
8. I Will Be Your Friend
9. Why Can't We Live Together

Sade: Diamond Life



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