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Скачать Steen Thottrup - Sunset People (2009)

 Скачать Steen Thottrup - Sunset People (2009)

Artist: Steen Thottrup
Title: Sunset People
Released: 03.04.2009
Format: Mixed Audio CD (Album)
Label: Ibizarre Records
Catalog #: IBZ027
Genre: Chillout | Downtempo
Time: 60' 57" min
Bitrate: Lame 3.97 CBR 320 kbit/s (Separate Tracks)
More: Info & Prelistening

01. I Hope Yesterday Never Comes (vocals by Anne K Cello)
02. To You (vocals by Annette Berg)
03. Heading For The Sunrise (vocals by Annette Berg Cello)
04. A New Day Coming (vocals by Annette Berg Cello)
05. If You Were Here Tonight (vocals by Steen Thottrup & Annette Berg)
06. Greetings From Abroad (Speech by Yaiza Rodriguez)
07. El Alba
08. Lunar Landscape (vocals by Annette Berg)
09. Save A Little Prayer (vocals by Annette Berg)
10. Sunset People (vocals by Katie McGregor)
11. Serenity (vocals by Anja Schreiber)

Скачать Steen Thottrup - Sunset People  (2009)


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